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Date ideas for successful first date

Date ideas for successful first date

Mature dating is no different to any other dating scene in that the first meeting can all too readily slip into uncomfortable silences and a choice of date venue can quickly turn into a disaster. So here we fill you in on some essential date tips for having a successful first date.

Have a backup plan

So you've planned your first date to the very last detail, but what if that theatre show gets cancelled? Or what if one of you miss their train in? Many things can go wrong on a first date that mean that your original plans fall by the wayside, and in this instance it's advisable to have thought about what else you can do.

Plan for a purposefully short first date

Let's be honest, not all dates turn out to be the romantic outing of the century, and in this instance minutes can seem like hours. For this reason it's a pretty good idea to start with a short first date, such as grabbing a coffee, and if you hit it off you can always suggest to go on to somewhere else.

Talk (generally) about what to wear

The first date will most likely have you feeling, both relatively tense, and as a first step to overcoming this is feeling comfortable in what you're wearing. So talk generally about whether it'll be a formal or informal date and be sure to think comfort as well as style. This becomes ever more important if you're going on an active date.

Don't drink too much

Alcohol is great for providing a little relaxation, but the key word is little! Don't overdo it else you risk embarrassing yourself as well as your date (what's more, given your nerves, you may have to pay more attention to exactly how much you're drinking, as it can be all too easy to not realise exactly how much you've drank). This also has the added benefit of avoiding those dreaded beer goggles!

Be sure to listen as much as you talk

It's great to share things with your first date, however you need to be aware of being a good listener, as well as a good talker. And if they seem a little quiet, you may have to ask a few open ended questions to get them talking and the ice well and truly broken. So try and think carefully before your date what questions you may ask.

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