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Don't freak out your potential internet date

Don't freak out your potential first date

So you're off on your first date and the chances are that you're both excited as well as nervous in equal measures. At the Mature Dating Site we know that first date feeling and we're here to give you a helping hand. In this blog article we take a look at some common pitfalls when going to meet someone for the first time.

Not being groomed

Despite all of the stereotypical joke about the first date gone wrong, with one or another turning up with spinach in their teeth or with a whiff of body odour, research has found that all too often first dates are, in real life, plagued with such issues. So before you go check yourself over with a spritz of perfume or aftershave, and consider carefully the first date outfit (this too is an all too commonly reported distracting issue for first time daters).

Over sharing

Over sharing on a first date, or any date for that matter, is a definite no no. Don't divulge everything about your life, and balance talking with listening. What's more avoid conversation that revolves around past relationships, past dates and typical dinner party topic faux pas (such as religion and politics), at least on the first date.

Being too keen

From when teens first start courting through to senior dating, if there is one thing that is sure to put another person off is being too keen. So refrain from bombarding your potential date with messages, and sometimes (just sometimes) wait for them to get in touch first.

Getting drunk

Drinking too much and becoming too loud is an all too commonly reported first date problem. This may not even mean consuming an entire bottle of wine either, very often even being tipsy can lead to acting as you wouldn't otherwise if sober and on a first date.

Don't be late

Late is not fashionable, it's rude. Always be on time for your first date or risk your date leaving before you get there.

Being a negative nelly

Had a bad week? Been through a nasty divorce? Losing your home due to debts? Talking about things such as these, or just being overly negative throughout your first date is a definite route to no follow up date. So relax, have fun and let the best of your personality shine through

Internet dating may have a few rules in relation to etiquette and beyond, however with our blogging team to advise you you'll be creating the perfect dating profile and meeting likeminded senior singles in no time at all. It's free to get started and you can explore our vibrant community in both safety and the comfort of your own home.