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Perfect venues for a relaxed first date in Perth

Perfect venues for a relaxed first date in Perth

Want a fun date in Perth that doesn't break the bank or make for any awkward silent moments? Well luckily for you we have seven ideas that make for the perfect day or night out with your potential other half.

Having a relaxed picnic at Kings Park

We always recommend that a first date should be relaxed as well as subject to a relatively short length of time (just in case you don't hit it off, and if you do, you can always extend the date and go onto one to any of our other suggestions from this list). To this end a picnic is perfect, and Kings Park makes for an equally as perfect setting for it.

Love art? Take a walk

For those who love art there is the contemporary outdoor Street Art Walk to look forward to; found throughout the backstreets of Perth these hidden gems will provide you with plenty to talk about.

Fancy a bit of brunch?

We love shopping, and we know that foodies will love this date. Visiting the Subiaco Primary School on a Saturday between 8am and 12pm will see you met with stalls and stalls of fresh food, aromatic flowers, ground coffee and brunch serving stalls.

Get on your bike

There can be few as perfect a place for a romantic bike ride as Perth. After all, where else can you ride along with Dolphins that swim alongside you? And with so many different cycling trails you have a plenty of choice, with each lined with different sights and a fair few bars and restaurants along some for the odd pit stop.

For the lovers of delicious dining

For those who love the traditional dinner date there is the C Restaurant, which is widely known as Perth's only revolving restaurant. It offers beautiful views all the way around and is seated 33 floors up and above Perth. The food itself is a hybrid mix of European and contemporary Australian cooking and has been credited with plenty of shining critic reviews.

Making the most of Perth's vintage scene

The vintage scene in Perth is pretty huge, with vintage op shops, frequent swap meets and plenty of garage sales. For the people who love shopping for unique bargains this is perfect for an interesting follow up date, and you can either bid yourselves against one another in finding the best bargain or present for one another, for $20.

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