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PSenior dating in Sydney: An introductory guide

Senior dating in Sydney: An introductory guide

Senior dating in Sydney has changed irrevocably, and with the help of the Mature Dating website our members throughout the City are finding fun, laughter and love with others. If you're new to the website and hail from Sydney then here are our quick tips on getting started on the site and making a success of senior dating in Sydney.

Starting with your dating profile today

With more and more members joining every day now is the time to write you pitch perfect profile (complete with a recent yet flattering profile picture). We frequently find when speaking with potential members that they do hesitate before joining, however with a free profile, and the security and safety of our website, there can be few reasons not to begin your senior dating journey today.

Senior dating online: A quick overview

Senior dating is far from dull, and here we operate in many of the same ways that any other online dating world does. This means, specifically, a few things:

  • Members should contact anyone they find of interest. Send them a message introducing yourself and ask an open question to get the conversation started.
  • Be aware of profiles and what they may tell you about a person. In particular you may become more aware of what people are looking for, and what this may translate to mean. For a starting point, many who say they are looking for fun, may mean something entirely different, although those who state that they are looking for long term love are most likely looking for exactly that.

Five Sydney first date night ideas

Sydney is a centre of culture, a dream for foodies and packed full of date venues with plenty of variety. Here are five Sydney date ideas for when you're ready to step out and meet with your potential matches!

1. Blu Bar on 36 - Shangri-La-Hotel
For the traditional 'few drinks' date there is nowhere more perfect, or as idyllic, as the Blue Bar. Seated on the 36th floor this wonderful setting is complemented with a great cocktail list and plenty of delicious food (although dining here does come with a pretty hefty price tag, which may be suited more to a second or third date once you know that it'll be money well spent!)

2. Sydney Observatory
For a place with wonderful harbour views and perfect little spots for a picnic there is the Sydney Observatory (visit on a night time to see stars as you've never seen them before!)

3. Mini Golf - Thornleigh
For a date with a difference and a fun activity to boot there is Mini Golf, based in Thornleigh.

4. Drive-In Cinema - Blacktown
Movies generally aren't great for a first date, however, drive in movies are something else, as you can chat happily without disturbing others.

5. Kayaking - Rose Bay
Another idea for a date with a bit of activity is Kayaking at Rose Bay.

The Mature Dating Website is an essential community for finding a significant other. Whether you're looking for love, for friendship or for mere companionship from time to time this is the place to be. Here you can safely contact other members and explore the potential of online dating. What's more it's completely free to join! So, what do you have to lose?