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Single Parent Dating in the 21st Century - A Complete Guide

Single Parent Dating in the 21st Century - A Complete Guide

Dating for mums can be a minefield, as you're trying to play the super-hot mama while also trying to be a grounded, organised, multi-tasking parent. Dating for Dads can have similar worries and problems, and in this guide we aim to give you tips for single parent dating to get back into the world of love and relationships.

Don't Rush Yourself

First of all, don't rush yourself back in until you're completely ready. It's not easy to tell when you're ready, but if you try it and it feels good to get yourself out there and meet people then it's probably time. But you also need to take it real slow and don't rush to get the kids involved until you've been seeing someone for a good few months and you're sure your children are safe.

How Do I Start Single Parent Dating?

There are loads of single parent dating websites out there, which are ideal for single mums dating. Why? Because the other users have kids too and are in the same boat as you. That means for one thing you'll know what their motive is for dating single mums; they want to date someone in the same situation! Secondly, you don't have to try and find 'the right moment' to tell someone new that you have children and grimace while waiting for their reaction, then panic thinking they'll never call you again.

Should I Only Try Dating Single Parents?

Not necessarily, but dating people who don't have kids is going to cause tension and difficulty at some point. This is mainly because those who don't have kids don't understand the time constraints, the responsibility and everything else that comes with being a parent. That's not to say that all non-parents don't get it though. Someone people are naturally understanding but they do tend to be harder to come by. People without kids are far more likely to still want to date out and about too, whereas single parents understand a little more that due to babysitting troubles and money constraints, home dates are better (once the kids are in bed, of course).

When Do I Introduce Someone To The Kids?

Only you can know when the time is right to introduce someone to your children, but make sure you have been seeing the person for a few months at least first and that you feel that you know them well enough. It's a good idea to wait until you've been to your date's house and have begun interacting with their friends and perhaps met a family member or two first - like a brother or sister. This often shows that the person has nothing to hide, rather than someone who seems a bit shady about you being involved in their life. Most importantly, just be yourself and don't be afraid to ask questions, especially if it means you get to learn about the person and ensure that they are right for your family.