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Tell-tale signs of a misleading online dating profile

Tell-tale signs of a misleading online dating profile

Want to know that the profile that you're viewing is a true representation of the person behind the screen? The following four signs will tell you in a matter of seconds whether you're looking at a misleading profile.

The profile is full of cliches

A profile that reads like a romance novel may not be indicative of a person looking to deliberately take advantage of you, but it can be a sign of someone who is not all that they appear. Always take such profiles with a pinch of salt and be sure to swap a good few messages to truly get a feel for what this person is all about before meeting up.

If it's too good to be true

Internet dating provides many wonderful benefits to the senior dater, however you need to know that there are people out there, just as in all walks of life, who are looking to take advantage of you, and generally this is for their own monetary ends. For this reason you should be aware of profiles that stick out a mile, with profile pictures of model like looks and a description of a particularly well paid job along with personality traits of the perfect gentleman or the lady.

At the Mature Dating Site we pride ourselves on being perhaps the UK's favourite mature dating site and love that we're trusted by our members, however this isn't to say that every dating website is as transparent as us, and some of our competitors even create fake profiles to lure people in. Generally you'll find that such sites see you receiving many messages until you make the first payment and sign up to the services.

The dating profile that asks you to move on

Dating websites are generally designed to be as safe as possible, so always be super wary of someone who contacts you and asks you to move to other communications over at another website all together.

They have a doctorate, and/or you feel like you've seen them before

According to research 37% of scam dating profiles proclaim to have a doctorate of some sort. What's more, many are clearly not too quick on the uptake, as they use famous people's images (such as has been known to happen with Edward Snowdon, Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Pfeiffer images).

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