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Things to avoid when online dating

Things to avoid when online dating

Things to avoid when internet dating

Over 60s dating has many similarities to online dating for those in their twenties; in this blog article we explore the things that should absolutely be avoided when online dating, and explain how, rather than abject online dating failure, you can find the other half that you're looking for.

DON'T including THESE things on your dating profile

Never, ever be tempted to include any of these things on your profile page:

  • Lies... no matter how small they'll always catch up with you.
  • Anything to do with exes, past marriages or relationship hang ups.
  • Nothing too private; for example, the names of your children, if you do or don't have a mortgage, nothing about your finances, your place of work.
  • Blankety blank... don't miss out any sections on your profile. Having as much information as possible ensures that you're more likely to meet someone on your wavelength.

Having unreasonable expectations

Internet dating can and very often does help people meet who then go onto to make for lifelong partners. But it's not without a little effort on your behalf. You likely won't meet this person immediately, and 'kissing a few frogs' is almost an inevitable in your quest to find a similarly likeminded person whom you have a true spark with.

Meeting someone too soon

If you've only shared a few messages don't be tempted to arrange a date before you've really gotten a feel for a person. Find out things such as what they're interested in, what they do for a living and what their values are in life; these key things serve as a base from which to build. A good rule of thumb is to arrange a date after around 4 or 5 messages.

Focussing in on one potential person

Internet dating is about chatting to numerous other potential dates. It's about exploring the singleton market and finding out about who you may be interested in. So don't expect to speak with just one person at a time, it's quite acceptable to 'play the field' by speaking to numerous others as well as go on a few dates per week.

Arranging a phone call before meeting

You may think that a phone call would be a good idea to break the ice before you meet. However phone calls are decidedly more subject to awkwardness, particularly as you don't have the benefit of body language, and so having a truly naturally progressing conversation can be somewhat of a challenge.

Internet Dating shouldn't seem daunting. Instead, it should present a whole new experience for the dater over 50; it should be easy, exciting and potentially lead to the other half that you've been searching for. What's more with hundreds of mature members here at the Mature Dating Site, you're sure to find someone who is looking for the same thing from a relationship as you are, be this companionship over the evenings, or a long term relationship for the foreseeable.