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Tips for a first dates to look forward too

Tips for a first dates to look forward too

So, you've arranged your first date and now there's nothing left to do but look forward to your outing.... right? Well, wrong, most likely. We know that you're probably feeling incredibly nervous and so we've put together 5 essential tips to ensure that your first date goes as well as it possibly can.

Read up on conversation tips

The art of conversation can be an undeniably difficult form when faced with the nerve wracking experience of a first date, so follow each of these conversational rules:

  • Be interested in what they are saying, pay attention and maintain a good level of eye contact.
  • Talk about your interests and passions.
  • Share your memories and recount stories (this gives your date a feeling for your life and experiences).
  • End your date by letting them know that you've had fun.

Choose your date venue carefully

When deciding where to go on your first date think carefully about where you'll go and what you'll do. Activity based dates are perfect for avoiding awkward silent moments and can help calm your nerves. This does of course, require that you find out about one another's interests in depths

Don't get blotto!

You may not intentionally set out to get drunk whilst out on your first date, however nerves can lead to alcohol consumption that speeds up without your even realising. So if you are eating out be sure to watch what, and how much, you're drinking.

Try not to be too self-aware

We know that you may be too nervous to act as you would normally, and we understand that a first date is never an experience that's completely free from self-awareness. However, to as much an extent as you can, you should try to avoid too much self-awareness. Stop wondering what they're thinking of what you're saying, or how first impressions have went, and instead focus on simply being yourself and enjoying the moment for what it is.

Dress to impress

Dressing appropriately even if going on a relatively active date needn't mean going for dull and practical. What's more going on a little shopping spree for the perfect outfit may also serve as somewhat of a confidence boost; leaving you free to enjoy your date feeling that little bit more self-assured.

Do a little date revision

Having plenty to talk about will help you break the ice with ongoing conversation. To remind you of who you're meeting and what they're interests are you should read back through your previous messages to remind yourself of what you've discussed and what you can talk about when enjoying your day or evening out.

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