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Tips for successful senior dating

Tips for successful senior dating

Senior dating is an exciting realm, and with the help of Mature Dating you'll find yourself with a world of potential suitors to chat with. However there are a few tips that will help you in your quest to find another, and here we share seven of them with you.

Take a great profile pic, but make it recent

A good profile pic will focus on your best bits, so if you have interesting eyes, then make it a head and shoulders shot, or if you're proud of your trim figure, be sure to make it a full length photo. You should however ensure that it's a recent photo, as misleading profile photos are the number one reason for failed first dates.

Forget what you think you know about relationships

Many find senior dating online following a long term break up or after undergoing a divorce. In either of these instances it's important that you forget what you think you know about relationships and, most importantly, forget your ex, and any mention of them, completely. There's a whole world of senior singles out there, each with their own interests, relationship goals and approach to dating, and appreciating the sheer variety is half the fun of internet dating.

Be brave

Internet dating for anyone can feel intimidating at first, however after those initial contacts and messages, followed by a few first time dates, you'll soon be feeling more relaxed. Just take a deep breath and contact a few people.

Write a perfect profile

Be sure to make your profile work for you. Get friends to help by telling you what your best traits are, and always stay away from the age old and ever so fake sounding profile cliches. You should also try to be clear about your relationship goals, so if you're looking for something long term, say so, but do it in a way so as not to appear as a bunny boiler.

Think carefully about your first date

Any first date will have an element of nerves, however you can help yourself by choosing a first date venue carefully. If you're particularly worried about silences then you should opt for something that's a little more active, and that will provide a talking point throughout the date. How about taking a class, going for a boat ride or going cycling.

Senior dating needn't be intimidating. As a member of Mature Dating you benefit from plenty of solid advice in finding love online, as well as a whole world of like minded members who are looking for the same things that you are... whether this be a few laughter filled evenings, or long term love. What's even better about your little corner of the World Wide Web is that joining is completely free!