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Tips for the perfect first date

Tips for the perfect first date

The first date. It can be both exciting and all rather scary in equal measures. So here we provide some of our best advice to help you in experiencing a first date that is as close to perfection as it can possibly be.

Choose your date activity carefully

First dates are always going to be somewhat of a nerve wracking experience, so choosing the right date venue is going to do you a big favour. Think about an activity date if you're particularly nervous about those dreaded silent moments. This could involve a class of some sort, or a trip to a local attraction. One date to avoid however would be the cinema, the film may ensure no silent moments, but a date should serve to allow you to get to know one another, and not talking at all isn't really the best way of achieving this.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is an essential way of building a bond with someone, so be sure to maintain a good level of eye contact throughout the date. Be aware, however, that as humans we find locked eye contact to appear forceful, and too much unbroken eye contact can then seem as somewhat confrontational.

Keep the conversation interesting

Keep the conversation interesting and consider what you may discuss before going. Things such as what they do for work are fine for breaking the ice, but moving on things such as their real interests, and what they think about hot topics of the moment can lead to talk that is more meaningful and that tells you more about that person.

Be mindful of your body language

Body language is an essential element of communication, so try, as far as possible, to use smaller gestures, slower movements and sit in a position that provides your date with space. All of these things will help you appear approachable and put your date at ease. These are generally advisable as for all intents and purposes your date will essentially be a stranger to you, and it is only after you know someone better that you can move on to more comfortable body language, such as faster and more animated gestures.

Keep an eye out for mimicry

Mimicry: this is where the other person mirrors your mannerisms, expressions and gestures. It's generally very subtle so you'll need to be eagle eyed to spot your date mimicking you. If you do however take heed that the date is going well and, if you've opted for a short date, this may be a good time to suggest extending it on to perhaps a bar or restaurant.

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