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Unique first date ideas in Brisbane

Unique First Date Ideas in Brisbane

Brisbane, even for the lifelong resident, is full of hidden gems as far as unique date ideas go, and once you've found a potential significant other right here on the Mature Dating website you'll have more choice than you could need for a special night in an equally as special venue, or a fun day trip out.

Have a teenage moment in the Yatala Drive-in Movie Theatre

The Yatala Drive-in Movie Theatre is an all too often overlooked date night idea in Brisbane, and is perfect for Over 50s dating with a touch of the teenage feel.

Finish off the perfect evening with a beautiful view

If you've had the perfect evening eating out then you can finish it off with the beautiful view from Mount Cootha to drink in the best of the city and its twinkling lights.

Enjoy a traditional picnic

Another frequently overlooked date option is to enjoy the very best of our weather in the Botanic gardens.

Love cooking? Try the farmer's market

We love visiting the Farmer's market, and what's more after your visit you can cook up something amazing for a romantic date! (Be sure to know your date before you invite them to yours, or you go to theirs; this is advisable only after a good number of dates).

Feeling active? How about a city bike ride?

Bike rides are as perfect for first dates as they are for third and fourth time dates, and where you're just getting to know each other than can provide a much needed talking point as well as demonstrating your interest in being active.

Fancy something spooky?

If you're interested in ghosts and ghouls why not go on the ghost tour of Brisbane's historic sites.

Want to dance the dance of love?

If you're feeling adventurous, or simply feel that you're confident enough to have a giggle at yourself, then why not book in for a few free Salsa classes in the city? And who knows, if you don't get along with your date too well you may make a few new friends and take up a new hobby!

Chocolate lovers?

How about feeding one another from the chocolate fondue fountain at Max Brenner or San Churro in South Bank?

Had a lovely night out?

If you're heading home after a nice (rather late) date night how about grabbing some packages from Pancake Manor at 3AM?

Ready to take the next step?

Want to declare your love without the need for a ring? How about adding your love padlock to Brisbane's bridges (however, this isn't exactly a first date idea!).

At Mature Dating we love making long term love matches, which is why we offer solid dating advice on everything from writing the pitch perfect dating profile through to facing that nerve wracking first date. Of course with all this advice you need to meet a suitable companion to make it worthwhile, and with our website boasting a vast array of members, hailing from many walks of life, you're sure to find someone who is interested in all that you are, and looking for the same things from a relationship as you have been.